19. April 2021  Remote  18:30 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

Felix Stein who has been working as Agile Coach, Lean Coach, Change Manager, Scrum Master, Project Lead, Product Owner and in various other agile-related roles for more than a decade now, will introduce the topic "Organizational Resilience and Agility" during this session.

Here is the abstract:

To be agile you must have the ability to adapt quickly if the surrounding conditions change. But what if they change dramatically, let's say due to a global pandemic? You will need resilience, the power to stand up even if you have been hit hard. Let me introduce this concept to you.

I will introduce five key dimensions of resilience. Maybe an inspiration to check how resilient your company is?

Thanks go out to Felix of course (https://www.agile-process.com/en/about-us/our-company/felix-c-stein/) as well as to Almudena from Rodríguez Pardo & Assocs (https://www.rodriguezpardo.com/de/) for supporting the Scrumtisch in various ways.

Zoom links will be provided shortly.