15. Februar 2023  remote  18:30 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

Large organizations often start their journey into agility by piloting Scrum to one or two teams that work pretty independently from the rest of the organization. In most of those cases, the collaboration within the team improves, progress is made transparent, ownership and responsibility are moved more towards the team, and the pilots are declared successful. Now the organization wants to scale Scrum to all of the teams. This multi Scrum-team approach results in many "team backlogs", "Team Product Owners", and dependencies. Overall, it is leading to local optimization as the organization as a whole does not improve. Even worse, overall productivity goes down, it takes longer to complete and ship customer features, and the organizational capability to change its direction easily and quickly is not in place, thus the organization will not regularly deliver the highest customer value. In this event, we will explore the reasons why this happens, we will illustrate the most critical structural elements which an organization needs to implement in order to evolve from a multi Scrum-team towards a multi-team Scrum i.e., an Agile organization.