6. September 2021  online - remote session  09:00 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

o Getting to know and understanding the official Scrum Guide, Agile Values and the Agile Manifesto.
o Practical exercises and insights from our trainer’s experience as Scrum Masters.
o Hints for taking and passing the Scrum.org certification exam.
o The training is organized in Sprints (8 Sprints for a 2-day-training) with plannings, reviews, and retrospectives.
o Out-of-Scope: deep Product Owner knowledge, Scaling - we are deeply convinced that understanding the basics of Scrum is a precondition for these topics.

# Basic information
o 2 days
o 6-12 participants
o 2 trainers
o English (or German if all participants prefer this language)
o Voucher for Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) certificate included. Attention: further preparation will be required after the course for a successful certification.

‍# Prerequisites
o I want to learn what Scrum is and how it works.
o My goal is to understand what being agile really means instead of just hearing about theoretical concepts.
o I am willing and able to participate actively throughout the training.


online - remote session