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Agile Coach Camp DE 2017

Stand Back and Deliver

From the 23th to the 25th of June 2017 we would like to invite you to come to the 8th Agile CoachCamp Germany in the beautiful Rückersbach.

Two days of highly collaborative, self-organized Open Space for everyone who is involved in or cares about coaching, training, mentoring, being in or leading agile organizations, teams and individuals.

Coaches, facilitators, developers, testers, team leads, guerrilla change agents, scrum masters, product owners, managers, experienced people, and newbies – all are welcome. Diversity makes us smarter!

What commitment does it cost? Answers to the application and your active engagement in the highly cooperative OpenSpace-discussions! We are looking forward to your participation!

„Stand Back and Deliver“

As coaches, ScrumMasters and facilitators we are often in a neutral position. Which means we do not take part in the delivery of the actual products the team develops or creates. This makes our job really fascinating and exhausting. Let us give the questions related to that topic some space in this years coach camp.

When/where did you stand back and delivered?
How did you feel?
How do you get gratefulness/gratitude for your work when standing back?

Let us think of our intrinsic team motivation, our methods and tools and create new impulses for our teams to grow and be seen. And it is very interesting to learn what your thoughts on „stand back and deliver“ are.

Facilitation will be in English; sessions in other languages are welcome.


Seminar Center Rückersbach
63867 Johannesberg
Kolpingstraße 1

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