7. Dezember 2020  Remote  18:30 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

Is your organization overheated, are people stressed and overburdened?

Are meetings running rampant and improvement initiatives lack impact?

Are you tired trading off between utilization and speed?

Do you think alignment and autonomy are impossible to reconcile?

Can we combine predictability and adaptability?

Flawed mental models are creating vicious circles - damaging both performance and happiness! The unique combination of Kanban, Theory of Constraints and Throughput accounting described in Steve Tendon's and Daniel Doiron's "Tame your Work Flow" shifts the paradigm once again. As Germany's first trainer for "Mastering Flow" and "Mastering Throughput", Michael explains how this new approach opens the door for better organizational outcomes - no reorganization required!
We would like to thank Michael Küsters for presenting the topic as well as Almudena Rodriguez Pardo for setting this up.

Zoom link coming soon. Check Xing.