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What a year it has been. Now December is closing, Christmas, the new year, and the vaccine are on the horizon and we want to announce our January kick-off event to give you one more thing to look forward to.

To be able to compete with all the virtual meetings being offered on the buffet we have created a delightful crossover event sourced by a powerful joint venture between the "classic" Scrumtisch and our homegrown agile podcast (“Daily of the Month”).
Birgit Nieschalk will be the special guest facilitator. The meetup will be an educational event on the topic of working with "Liberating Structures". You can experience tools to help you facilitate interesting workshops for your teams in 2021.

So what’s that “Liberating Structures” thing?

Liberating Structures (for short “LS”) are a selection of 33 alternative structures for facilitating meetings and conversations, curated by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless. LS are designed to embrace distributed control and create insightful experiences for small and larger groups. What are the benefits? Well for starters, it is a way to bring novelty into the system that creates innovations, inclusion, participation, clarity, purpose, fun… you’ll see when you experience them.

What does that have to do with the Podcast?

We have planned a special podcast episode in February as a retrospective with Birgit Nieschalk to do a play by play analysis of the LS Scrumtisch Session so that we can help you to feel confident about faciliating future virtual and presence workshops. We'll kindly ask you for permission to record parts of the of the session. Thanks in advance for playing along.

We are excited about this crossover event so sign up, add the event to your calender, add two alarms and do what you're good at, eliminate all obstacles that would keep you from attending.

Happy Holidays


Thema: Experience Liberating Structures
Time: 25.Jan.2021 06:30 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

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Meeting-ID: 816 0468 6375
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