13. September 2021  Zoom Call  18:30 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

‘Together we can go further’ quotes one of the values of a young company in the international ecommerce sector; in similar ways numerous companies include ‘unity’ as a key element in their value quotes. No doubt, any organization accepts that unity is vital if they want to succeed. But unity can be a tough challenge, especially when it comes to support groups or geographically distributed departments inside the enterprise. Process experts strongly recommend breaking down silos to achieve organizational unity. However, there are silos that are surrounded by walls as strong as those of Jericho! In this interactive talk we will learn from the experiences of a local Human Resources department, devoted to HR operations and recruiting, which evolved to a Global Organization with the mission to act as a catalyst within the enterprise and to be co-designer of the overall enterprise agenda. We will begin by understanding why the Jericho walls existed, what made them so strong and how they have been weakening and falling. We are still on the journey and we also want to hear your experiences and learn. Let‘s break down walls together!

Scrumtisch Aachen thanks Norma for bringing the topic, Almudena for connecting us, and https://www.rodriguezpardo.com/ for sponsoring the Zoom call (link follows soon).


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