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Experience Agility with Okaloa Flowlab

Getting people excited about agility with theory alone quickly reaches its limits. For this reason Patrick Steyaert and Arlette Vercammen from Okaloa Flowlab designed agile simulations in the form of analog and digital board games. These simulations make the difference between traditional and agile working methods tangible: For example the difference between push and pull, between overload and focus, between fighting alone and real teamwork, between rigid plans and welcoming changes ...

In this ScrumTisch, Arlette, Patrick, Stefanie Damoser and Thomas van Aken want to introduce you to the Okaloa Teamflow simulation. This is mainly aimed at two target groups: at those who weren’t lucky enough to work in a functioning agile team so far and at those who are looking for tools to make the "agile feeling" accessible to other colleagues in the organization. But as always, everyone else who is curious enough, is very welcome!

If you want to find out more about Okaloa-Flowlab in advance: www.okaloa.com

Please notice: This Scrumtisch starts at 18:00 and ends earliest at 21:00. It will have a hands-on / workshop character.
To get the benefit out of this simulation for you and your “Okaloa team” it is important that you’ll stay the whole time.
The amount of possible participants is limited so only register if you really plan on joining.

Zoom link will follow soon.

About Okaloa:

Patrick Steyaert is founder of Okaloa. As a creator of Okaloa Flowlab, he teaches and coaches business agility by making use of simulations that stimulate agile thinking. With his partner, Arlette Vercammen he succeeded to create a world-wide network of trainers and coaches that use Okaloa Flowlab in their day-to-day teaching and coaching. With his work on upstream, customer and discovery Kanban he helps organizations to look at the end-to-end flow from suspected to satisfied need. He is a recipient of the 2015 Brickell Key award for outstanding contribution to the Kanban community.

Stefanie Damoser is an Agile Coach at Generali Deutschland AG. Thomas van Aken is a freelancing trainer and coach for Scrum, Kanban and scaled Agile.

A big thank you goes out to Arlette, Patrick, Stefanie and Thomas for organizing this event and supporting the Scrumtisch Aachen.


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