9. November 2020  Remote  18:30 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

Why do agile transitions fail?

"We have to become more 'agile'!" is a well-known mantra in management circles - even when there is often not a clear idea on what that actually means.

'Agile' in those cases is usually not more than a placeholder for a combination of things, like Lean, Agile Software Development, Systems Thinking, Transformational Leadership, Management 3.0, DevOps, et al.

In the beginning 'Agile' meant software development in single, isolated teams. In order to scale up from those teams to an enterprise and thus to make the company 'Agile' the approach has to grow into all parts of the organization and has to be understood, accepted and embraced.

But this is exactly where many organizations hesitate. Is agility on an organizational level a herculean task??
Why do so many agile transformations fail?

In this webinar we will present practical experiences from real live agile transformations as well as factors which play an important role for a successful agile transformation.

Thanks to Almudena and https://www.rodriguezpardo.com/ for supporting the evening both as a speaker and with the necessary tools.

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