2. Dezember 2019  Bauer und Kirch GmbH, Pascalstrasse 57, 52076 Aachen  18:30 Uhr  |  Email   Twitter   Facebook

New environments and methods in the software industry like Agile and Scrum bring a lot of benefits like early customer acceptance, developing cost efficient products and more. On the other hand these environments bring also quite some challenges to the people who work closer together which means cooperation and collaboration is different and more challenging than before. Especially for those who lead people in teams, groups, departments or in companies who have less or no hierarchiecal setup e.g. holacratic organizations.

Focus of this talk is the moderation of Scrum teams or similar setups where possibly mediation tools can support the general flow of the moderation and in addition enable the moderator to handle conflicts which could arise or are already present and need to be solved.

A structured approach to find solutions, methods and tools in order to involve all team members and handle all upcoming issues as well as the attitude of the mediator are the key for success in the mediation process. These areas of the mediation process which can be used during moderation will be addressed with some hands on examples.

Bauer und Kirch GmbH

Pascalstraße 57
52076 Aachen


Bauer und Kirch GmbH, Pascalstrasse 57, 52076 Aachen

Tags: Mediation